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Happy Winter Solstice


On December 22, the day is the Winter Solstice, it is an important day in China.It becomes a tradition. 

More than 2500years ago, Chinese people had detected this day by measuring the sun. 

What is special on the day? 

The answer is that the daytime lasts the shortest while the night lasts the longest of the year. 

It means the new round of the solar term, the Winter Solstice is the earliest.

In many areas of northern China, there is the custom of eating dumplings every winter solstice. 

Winter Solstice gives family a chance to get reunion, the young come home to have a chat with parents and promote their communication.

It is also a traditional custom to eat Tangyuan on the winter solstice.

Tangyuan is also called tangtuan, which means "Reunion" and"consummation".